Debates on Resource Extraction and Fair Trade in Africa: Conceptualising the “Global” Dimensions

CAS from the Edge

Sam Spiegel

On February 26 and 27, two events were held in Edinburgh to discuss resource extraction and fair trade in Africa. Having had the chance to reflect on them both, both excellent stimulating events, I wanted to share some preliminary thoughts — and to also draw your attention to an upcoming event – the CAS Annual Conference – this year on ‘Mining and Political Transformations in Africa’ (coming up soon – April 24-25, 2014)!

The first event in February was a panel discussion event at the University of Edinburgh, with a group of panellists including Claude Kabemba (from Southern Africa Resource Watch), Chantal Daniels (from Christian Aid), Wolfgang Zeller (U of E) and Jana Hönke (U of E), with introductions by Sara Dorman (U of E). The discussion here was lively, and a great part of the debate explored why ‘resource conflicts’ in Africa need to be critically understood…

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