Is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Still) Fit for Purpose?

Ethics Forum

Professor Christine Bell’s opening lines were salutary. Sixty five years ago the world stood exhausted and near ruined by global conflict, while the suppressed aggression of the Cold War mounted. In this moment of brokenness, we declared our humanity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights gave voice and vocabulary to the dignity of persons.  The inaugural University of Edinburgh Ethics Forum asked if the UDHR still speaks to our needs, and for our aspirations.

The Ethics Forum aims to bring together academics, students, practitioners and members of the public to discuss the ethical dimension of current affairs. Professor Christine Bell (University of Edinburgh, School of Law) and Professor Tim Hayward (University of Edinburgh, Politics and International Relations) presented reflections on the challenges and opportunities we face when considering the future of the UDHR. The University of Edinburgh is a major partner in the newly invested Global…

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